14 June 2010

Private Sessions - Spotlight Russell "Juss Russ" Wilson

In another style spotlight, I caught up with an up-and-coming R&B artist, former model, and future sex symbol Russell Wilson, known more familiarly as "Juss Russ". When I first presented to Russell the usual fields of interest I present in my spotlights, I was quite amazed at the depth and discernment with which he spoke about himself. Russell's aura is certainly reminiscent of that of a wild rose--he certainly has no problem with exhibiting his apparent and provocative beauty and sex appeal yet his deportment exhibits a more rougher, grittier feel like thorns. Having produced and wrote a self-inspired album titled Private Session, the tracks were a cathartic compilation of the trials, tribulations, happiness, and destruction that he has felt in past relationships. He's more than comfortable with speaking in sexual semantics, driving his female fans wild with songs like "Harder". About the song, Russell states, "This song is obviously a sexually inspired composition and during this time and still currently: I am a young, single guy, who just so happened to see a very sexy, fashionable, young lady cross my eye and the way our eyes connected it was as if there was a hidden message transferred between us: My eyes asked: do you want me... Her eyes replied: 'Harder Baby Harder'". Russell's personal style also functions as an extension of his budding career with an inclination for a more refined but sexy style. He says, " I'd say my style at times is business professional: My style adds a level of seriousness to the way I talk and carry myself. Of course I do have times when I do performances and the sex appeal must come out, so during these times and at promotional events you can catch me in a beater and some nice jeans and a pair of sunglasses. I'd say my favorite piece of clothing would have to be a pair of basketball shorts: It's summer time: So you can catch me in a pair of basketball shorts, jordan sandals, and either no shirt or of course a beater". Juss Russ is certainly moving in the right direction to achieve his goals which is to be the best at what he does. He's still single and looking for the right young lady to complement his life." I want the best for those around me, and I won't stop until this has been accomplished. I am a laid back kind of guy, I like someone with a good sense of humor: so all the people I surround myself around can definately make me laugh: I'm not hard to please: I'm one of the kindest most giving people you will ever meet according to my close friends... I'm quick to be stereotyped obviously but get to know the man behind the music and you will find a genuine person!!!"Somebody get this guy a card because he's definitely in the Flashy Life. Check out more of Juss Russ below.


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