07 June 2010

Hitting All The Right Notes

You met my partner-in-crime Brittney last month when I did my spotlight on her and now she’s back in the limelight with her new blog, The Notes of Toni’s Life. A Broadcast Journalism major at Western Kentucky University, Brittney’s blog exhibits her love for politics, music, relationships, and Black culture. Brittney’s attention to detail and loyalty to the facts make her blog exceptionally strong and informative. She’s only a sophomore, but from the style and voice with which she uses to create a well-balance mélange of well-articulated opinions with well-researched current events, she makes a mature standing for herself. One of my favorite posts of on the blog was her assessment on the state of historically Black colleges and universities in America and about how the failure of the Black community to continue to convey their essential nature to Black history and the creation of Black leaders continues to cause Black students to look elsewhere for higher education. The Notes of Toni’s Life also provides for an excellent experience to get others especially Blacks to awaken their political consciousness. In a world where apathy continues to be the number one killer of the Black spirit, Brittney has lit a torch for herself and is keeping herself focused to be a guiding light for other Black Americans. Check out Brittney’s blog The Notes of Toni’s Life here.


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