22 June 2010

So That's Where You've Been Hiding....

It's been a while since you've heard me post anything about the mini mogul I hate to love, Marquis Phifer. Seems he's been hiding out in New York City's Financial District. It had been a while since he'd thrown me and his followers a juicy bone detailing the exploits of what it means to truly live the Flashy Life. In his post "Give Me My Blanky", we catch Marquis glamming it up at La Esquina, a hot spot with a nice underground chic flare. This time, we find members Sky Gellatly and Valerie of Team Epiphany, a lifestyle marketing agency with high profile clients such as Time Warner, Pepsico, Universal, and Def Jam Recordings as his guest appearances. I had to say, my Windows 7 desktop theme that changes every ten seconds was getting a little bit boring after a while...now I have a chance to finally expect something new when the glare from the east shines on my face in the morning...check out Marquis' post at his blog LateBoots here.



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