01 June 2010

LookBook.nu June Roundup

Nothing breeds inspiration like a fresh summer ocean breeze gently rolling across your face and the coolness of the wet sand between your toes. Yes, summer is here and we're presenting a lineup of photos from LookBook.nu, the number one source for fashion inspiration and enthusiasts.  With a little bit of searching, we've pulled the hypest and most fashionable looks for both boys and girls for the month of June to get those creative juices flowing! So sit back, relax, take a sip of your Long Island iced tea and peruse the looks below...


Candice said...

wow! i love lookbook and i really really love these photos, one of the girsl shoes with gems al over it is STUNNING. that is so cool. makes me want to get all creative and start covering my clothing with gems haha
great blog :)


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