22 June 2010

Channel Your Inner Rake - Trussardi 1911 Spring/Summer '11

If one statement had to sum up Trussardi 1911's Milan collection, it would be "No autographs, please." The almost 100-year-old design house that began as a glove creation company which spilled into its foray into the luxury goods world is making the hot playboy look come alive. The collection is full of black, khaki, and dark denim paired with rough leather jackets in solid black, colored leopard prints, and deep red tinged with patches of black. The collection features many transition pieces from fall that fit into the spring season with a large crimson knit jacket with shawl collar, a light and rugged-looking highly tinted-chartreuse scarf, and long sleeved zip-up jackets. Lightly constructed blazers in red, white, and light blue added a dapper touch to the collection. The scoop neckline was a favorite for the collection with thinly striped shirts in navy and solid shirts in white. Each look was also paired with aviator sunglasses which completed the aesthetic of the popular and perhaps prodigal rake whose life involves hundreds of velvet rope openings, champagne fountains, and an infamous silver tongue. Trussardi is known for their inclination to the classic and timeless, considering their familiarity with it. This collection is a half step away from their usually more mature, conservative pieces but not a dive into the more flamboyant and colorful younger world that is dominated by brands like D&G and DSquared. Check out more at GQ.com's coverage of the line and view more of Milan fashion shows here.


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