28 June 2010

Just When You Thought I Was Done...

I was saving the best for last; Marquis Phifer, the poster boy of The Flashy Life indulged in a bit of pomp and circumstance while getting his flash on in all white at a garden party in the backyard of his best friend fashion stylist Brooke's Hampton's villa. "What did you expect? You, love, me. They keep saying that I’m the next, so I’ll just continue to eat these low fat muffins. I should be on hustle probation, I’m about to lose my license so I can continue to be chauffeured. And at this point I’m about to start attending operas’ and playing golf. I’m redoing my friends circle, and for starters the requirements: multiple addresses–tell a friend. A little shallow yeah, but I enjoy swimming. Honey B and myself snuck out the city of New York and headed to her parents house in the Hamptons. Keeping it 100 I forgot what event we went to earlier this day, and Honey B is sleep as I type this at 4:08am. We just knew that we had to show up. We had a table, so we dressed well." Check out more of Marquis' garden party adventures in Flashy Wonderland at his blog, LateBoots, here.


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