15 June 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name - Spotlight Felicia Still

When I came upon this startlingly beautiful young starlet, I must say that I was a little intimidated even for a gentleman like myself. Never before have a met a young lady whose beautiful exterior matched her beautiful mind. Felicia Still, a student at the University of Louisville is giving young women all around the nation an opportunity to showcase what a true lady is and what she does. Hailing originally from Fort Carson, Colorado as the daughter of an army father, she considers herself a cosmopolitan girl, not really being able to find a place she can call her hometown. Now signed to Heyman Talent Agency, Felicia's past of participating in Fashion Bug fashion shows, doing church plays, and even a photo shoot with impressive Louisville image consultant Merika Rock, she feels it's beginning to pay off. On her own personal style, Still responds, "Classy, sophisticated, with a little edge thrown in there. I love wearing my pearls and sporting the Jackie-O Stepford Wife look. You can never go wrong when you dress like a lady. Sometimes I like to rock a leather jacket or bright colors to show I can wear all kinds of looks but most importantly being different is my style." Felicia definitely heard when Coco Chanel was quoted saying "Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence but of those who have already taken control of their future". When she told me what her favorite item was, I was over the moon. "I absolutely love my heels. I strutted to class everyday in high school in my heels. I still strutt my stuff in them and plan on until Im 80. Some people say I have too many but I say you can never have enough." Her inspirations include her parents, her support, and her love of fashion. "I have so many people that believe in me and they drive me to keep going. And my love for fashion, I get excited talking about designers, new styles, and whats hot." A rarity among today's young women, Felicia is a charming, confident, and focused young lady and she is widely aware of what she wants to accomplish in life. I'm extending Felecia an invitation to the Flashy Life and believe me, it will be sent sealed with a kiss from a charming gentleman. 


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