07 May 2010

How Could I Forget...

Though I do love and follow the adventures and misadventures of my favorite blogger Marquis Phifer on his blog, LateBoots, my heart (and bandwidth) also belongs to another blogger, Jeremy Danté and his self titled fashion blog JEЯEMYDANTÉ. Where Marquis brings me the flashing lights, Jeremy gives me the one holding the camera. His blog spotlights many names in the world of fashion modeling, some including: one of my favorite male models Salieu Jalloh, Gisele Bundchen, and Jésus Luz. His posts are predominantly centered around the world of fashion magazines and photography spreads not only from magazines within the United States, but from those of Italy, Japan, Russia, England, and France. His opinion is rather spars among his posts but  that is only due to his nature to let his content speak for itself, an objective which he accomplishes successfully. His blog itself boasts a high aesthetic quality and is extremely streamlined and minimalistic, a quality that I simply adore in fashion blogs. Jeremy also gives his Fashion Report every Friday on YouTube and his commentary is quite professional and with a dose of subjective objectivity. Not to mention Jeremy Dante gains credibility with his photogenic visage that simply makes me want to take him home and dress him up and down like a paper doll. As I said before, I'm highly attracted to highly attractive people, and Jeremy Dante's membership card to the Flashy Life is most definitely in the mail.


Anonymous said...

oh, my god! im dying. amazing write-up, eternally gratefull for your support & appreciation for what i do.

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