07 May 2010

My Addiction: Ryan Leslie

With the explosion of tons of would-be R&B stars coming and going onto the scene, few have the mature sound, the soul, and the style of Ryan Leslie. I presented him to you before when he graced the cover of Bleu Magazine, and now I'm here to admit that I've got a serious man-crush on this musician. The 31-year-old Caribbean, Dutch, Chinese, and African musician is a graduate of Harvard College and his intellect is paralleled by his musical talent. A prodigy, Ryan Leslie's voice is a mellifluous mix of sexy and entertaining. His beats are easily played in the clubs yet his messages are often not as at home in those environments as other music. He is the owner of NextSelection Lifestyle Group, his music-media enterprise and his discography includes his premiere album Just Right which was shelved in 2005, his self-titled debut Ryan Leslie in 2009, and his latest album Transition which premiered later in 2009. His song "Addiction" is probably one of my favorites of his, which involves a danceable nightclub beat with soft, seductive vocals. Ryan Leslie's style is as on point as his career with his urban gentleman chic and his affinity for Adidas, who has also partnered up with Leslie for marketing their products. And for all of the admiring ladies out there, Ryan Leslie was named one of "New York's 50 Hottest Bachelors" in 2009 by Page Six Magazine of the New York Post.


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