27 May 2010

Blogs - Stuff Fly People Like

While I was scouring the digital ether, sorting through an infinite mass of information of fashion, lifestyle, celebrities, and pop culture, I happened to run into a pair of guys who told me who they were and simultaneously showed me who I wanted to be. Rae Holliday and Gabriel Williams are the creators of the exceptionally successful and award-winning--yes people, there are actually awards for doing this sort of thing--blog Stuff Fly People Like. The blog's aesthetic is not extremely complicated, yet is replete in links and archives and chock-full of colorful photos which are sure to grab the attention of a contemporary audiences keen on more showing and less telling. Gabe, a Florida native takes music as his greatest pleasure and his attentiveness to the craft is clearly seen in his coverage on the goings-on in the world of hip-hop and R&B music. A former background singer for artists such as Kirk Franklin and Nona Gaye, Williams never distances himself too far from his roots. Rae finds himself inclined to the realm of fashion and entertainment. With origins in dancing and even a BA in criminal justice under his belt, Holliday still has managed to establish himself a knowledgeable source of sartorial advising. His close watch on the fashion industry is one the most effective parts of the blog's success. Overall, the blog's pulled major weight, winning the award for "Best Fashion Blog" by the Black Weblog Awards, being featured in Essence magazine, and being a part of RocaWear's 10th Anniversary campaign. I don't know about you people, but this one is definitely getting put into the Flashy Files. Don't forget to subscribe to Stuff Fly People Like. You never know if you'll be thanking them for the interview later...


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