20 May 2010

Guilty Pleasure: The City

There's nothing I enjoy more that a good compilation of New York fashion, socialites, glamour, and drama. And I'm more than getting my fix of it with this new season of my favorite MTV television show, The City. Centered around the journey of young, up-and-coming designer Whitney Port, the show chronicles her interactions with people in the fashion industry such as the outspoken and no-nonsense fashion PR giant Kelly Cutrone of People's Revolution, the independent and ambitious PR Director for Elle Magazine, Erin Kaplan, and my favorite character, the sophisticated and irresistably icy Olivia Palermo. The show is successful at giving viewers prized looks into the gears behind the glass of the fashion industry. No doubt tons of young fashion enthusiasts are tuned into the series, filled with the hope their their own fashion aspirations will be as replete with the glamour, success, and adventures of The City. Also, unlike its counterpart The Hills, we don't really love to hate the characters and the show isn't a giant opportunity for a roast of delusional, dysfunctional people who have no real evidence of actual jobs much less a sane view of reality. The City airs on MTV Tuesdays at 10:30.


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