20 May 2010

Summer Invidia - Marquis Phifer

Just when I thought Marquis Phifer's life couldn't get anymore flashy than mine, school lets out. Now the mogul's on his way to spend another summer in New York City, the mecca of the Flashy Life to blaze more trails in fashion and get more stardust on his shoulders. In one of his posts titled "Pressure Made Me a Diamond", a photograph of him looking for his "one-piece hitter-quitter" which happens to be a white blazer and a pair of khaki drawstring shorts from H&M. No doubt Mr. Phifer is Hamptons-ready; I can't stop my inbox from being inundated with Twitter text-message updates saying "Should I pace the triple-breasted blazer or not?", "I have to make sure my suitcase is 50lbs or less", and "Gotta find a place in New York". I'm looking forward to seeing Marquis' summer exploits and New York City and if I'm lucky I might get a few new hot photographs that will go oh-so-nicely on my desktop background slide show. But until then, I wait as dreams of flashing lights and fashion shows dance in my head...


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