18 May 2010

Janelle Monae - The Arch Android

The soulful, strong, and most definitely stylish songtress Janelle Monae just came out with a new album yesterday, May 17, 2010 titled The Arch Android. Just like her last album Metropolis: The Chase Suite, this EP is filled with futuristic sounds and lyrics. Continuing the use of her motif the android Cindy Mayweather and her forbidden love Anthony Greendown, Janelle Monae adds more downtempo and lounge-like vocals to this album with the mellifluous singing in "BaBopBye Ya", "Sir Greendown", and "Mushrooms and Roses". There are also the quintessential Janelle Monae "afro-punk" tracks with upbeat rock tones like "Cold War". But the most well-hear track and the one with the highest iTunes popularity is Monae's collaboration with Outkast member Big Boi with "Tightrope", a catchy tune whose music video is as entertaining and showcases Monae's James Brown-esque dance moves. Check out more about Janelle Monae and her new album at her website here.


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