22 May 2010

The Fashion Kid - Markell Goode

When I extended the opportunity to one of my new friends, he was floored and excited at the prospect of being featured on Fashion Inc. Style Society. Rocking it out today in our style spotlight comes the edgy and avant-garde Markell Goode. A Business major at Kentucky State University, Markell's aspirations have always been held in the world of fashion. About his style, Markell states, "My style is forever changing; fashion isn't something that is done; it is lived. It is how you feel, a freedom of expression and comfort so my style can simply be a v-neck and a pair of Levi's". Standing only at 5'3, Markell is no doubt one to make waves when it comes to style, his flaming orange tuft of hair acting as a trademark for his unstoppable individuality. No stranger to the work of fashion shows either, Goode places his efforts into projects such as the upcoming Cleveland Asian Festival and throwing in a little philanthropy as well, the So Glam High Fashion Charity Event. That quality in Markell that is most illuminated is his infectious and unchanging optimism. In speaking about his own aesthetic, Markell answers, "Elegance is a question ofpersonality, more than ones clothing. Let's go beyond looking cute, be bold, beautiful, inspiring", and motivating. Live above It. LOVE, LIVE CREATE. This is my self made quote i live through. I hope to be all that and more inspiring others to believe in themselves. Lets see where the future will take me, I know it begins with a I can!" As for Markell, once he completes that transfer from Kentucky State University to Western Kentucky University's fashion merchandising program, we'll put him down for membership in the Flashy Life. Think about it Markell... Check out some more photos of Markell in action below.


FaSHioNliVEs247 said...

I love this man inside and out. His fashion not only speaks for himself but it lives through him. He is one of my dear and loved friends and I can't wait to support him in tonights fashion show. As my besty would say LOVE, LIVE, CREATE!

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