11 May 2010

Steph Jones - Gravity

Thanks to my girl Toni, I've run across a new musical artist who I can add to my short list. Steph Jones' mixtape Gravity is a surefire means to an aurgasm if I ever heard one. With a voice that's a soulful as Maxwell's, and a knack for beats like Ryan Leslie, the R&B singer/model has produced his first mixtape which has an intergalactic-themed vibe similar to that of Janelle Monae's Metropolis. The tracks vacillate between otherworldly songs such as "Up Up and Away" and "Gravity" and much sweeter, more downtempo songs like "Southern Love" and "Mr. Ordinary". The 26-year-old's film isn't too bad either, with music video appearances in Bobby Valentino's "Anonymous" and Destiny's Child's "Jumpin' Jumpin'". Jones has appeared in ads for Diddy's clothing brand Enyce and is signed to Ford Models. You can download the Gravity mixtape here.



Toni La Nae said...

He is a beast I love him

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