11 August 2010

And Just When Your World Couldn’t Get More Real: Armani Exchange’s Fall 2010 3-D Campaign

As if the list of films in 3-D like Step Up 3-D, The Last Airbender, Resident Evil: Resurrection and movies about twisting reality such as Inception wasn’t enough to make you wonder where the line between reality and imagination is being drawn, Armani Exchange is launching a never-before seen ad campaign in—you guessed it—3-D. The 3-D ads are set to appear in the September issues of GQ, Interview, and V Magazine. Apparently after doing research, Armani’s marketing division found out that consumers of Armani Exchange are heavily into high-tech gadgets and trends giving them the green light to create a whole 3-D ad campaign…3-D glasses will be included in the print editions of the advertising and then from there, readers can access a music video online titled “2020/Speed Style”. It will be a motorcycle-rugged action music video with the usual gratuitous eroticism that has definitely helped propel Armani Exchange as well as the Armani brand at large to the level it is today. The campaign will also be shown in both Western and International stores on video screens along with a massive 3-D billboard project on the Long Island Expressway next month and on other major highways. And if that’s not enough Armani for you, they’re throwing a sweepstakes where a winner gets a tricked-out motorcycle-style wardrobe along with a Ducati superbike and riding lessons. All-in-all perhaps this ad campaign will be successful but more importantly it will definitely be a beta test for other brands wanting to get in on the 3-D action themselves. Perhaps the sensuality Armani Exchange brings in its ads brought to life will create a positive impression in its consumers, but then again maybe the 3-D phenomenon is just a fad and might negatively impact Armani Exchange. 


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