19 August 2010

D&G Gives A Taste of Italian Ice With 2010 Fall Campaign

The younger brother of the Dolce and Gabbana collection, D&G has chosen to take its newest Fall arrivals to the snowy heights of the mountains in a ski-themed ad campaign. Whereas the ads from Dolce and Gabbana tend to be more artistic, ambiguous, and feature wider landscapes, D&G ads tend to prefer an more up-close and personal point of view and usually play on the aesthetic effect of including large numbers of models in one small space. A collection that prefers to set the trends rather than display them, Dolce and Gabbana has chosen to include flowing pearl-white light apparel and patterned knits with lots of movement. The scene is reminiscent of a Milanese private high school ski trip and I doubt few can say their classmates have been this glamorous...Always one to have an affinity for its male models in suits, the ad campaign features the all-purpose, always-glamorous D&G three-piece suit, this time accompanied by a pair of onyx high-topped snowshoes. The girls also don shorter, more feminine versions of the blazer with silken, translucent gowns flowing in the wind ethereally. Mukluk boots covered in cream fur were the choice of footwear, a major trend among many designer this year, especially Chanel. The knitwear features patterns that encourage the eye to move frequently with alternating hues of black and white, with browns thrown in. A variety of knitwear including toboggans, sweaters, snowsuits, ski shirts,  and scarves are all displayed in one scene. My favorite scene includes a duplication of the first ad but with the men wearing snow-white suits which really explodes the chic factor of the campaign. Overall this campaign is less glamorous than most of the D&G ads I've come to love, ,but it nonetheless still sells the high-flyin high life that is D&G. Photos from FashionFame.


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