03 August 2010

Brand of the Day – Miss Selfridge

Boys and girls pretend to know me they try so hard...and I get what I want my name is my credit card...don't try to hate me because I am so popular...pop-pop-pop-u-lar...Today we’re showcasing the British brand Miss Selfridge, the wildly popular young women’s fashion collection that is definitely causing a stir in the world of the young upstart fashionista. A line dedicated to women of more petite sizes, the apparel has an infectious and stylish “pretty in pink” aesthetic that is definitely far-reaching in its appeal... An advertisement for its new fall arrivals named “Wonderland” doesn’t stray far from the personal style of the typical Miss Selfridge girl who is whimsical, ultra-feminine, extroverted, and replete with bubbly charm. The blog for the site is aptly named the “Ruffles and Frills Style Diaries Blog” and its content is majority a mélange of celebrities spotted and featured wearing the Miss Selfridge brand as well as living the ideal life of a Miss Selfridge girl. Brands like these definitely win my approval not only because their apparel achieves the perfect balance of inexpensive taste and stylishness but because the brand represents more than just a great place to find a great outfit but a great place to find a great lifestyle. Check out the images of Miss Selfridge below and don’t hesitate to peruse the brand’s site and get a little ruffles and frills for yourself. 



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