11 August 2010

Karl Lagerfeld Takes It to The Streets with Chanel’s Fall 2010 Ad Campaign

Where there’s smokin’ hot fashion, there’s definitely a fire escape. Karl Lagerfeld has transported the Chanel brand to a new destination almost antithetical to the refined, sophisticated surroundings that normally come to mind when thinking of Chanel’s ad photo shoots. The fashions, however, had not deviated from the normal Chanel aesthetic which is most definitely a positive point. Chanel is one of the oldest and greatest power players in the fashion world and if there’s one thing that can be attributed to the ideals of the woman who stated, “Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence but of those who have already taken control of their future”…
As far as a suggested storyline goes, the campaign doesn’t really advertise a specific event taking place, and it’s practical quality certainly goes out the window seeing a woman dressed in a sepia, fog gray, and pearl white sweater dress and matching scarf with shaggy gray-brown and medium brown striped fur knee-length boots laying against a man dressed in a white snowsuit with brown-ringed sleeves and a lion-brown hood that makes him look more like the abominable snowman meets the city than a male model. The boots are definitely a stylish accessory than can be easily paired with almost any casual cold-weather ensemble and the complement of them with the snow-white tiered fringe dress and the exceptionally elegant dress with the lace bodice and embroidered flowers meeting the soft fur lining is a wonderful sight. Overall, Chanel’s campaign should do well aesthetically, especially among the placement of the darker, more subdued hues that fill the September issues showing all of the new fall arrivals. 


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