05 August 2010

High Level Not Eye Level

I B the d-boy who infiltrated all the corporate dudes/They call shots, I call audibles/Jacob the jeweler, baubles/Lauraine Schwartz sorta dude/It's big balling baby when I'm courting you/I'm talking spy bags and fly pads and rooms at the Bloomberg/And rumors you on the verge of a new merge/'Cause that rock on ya finger/is like a tumor/You can't put ya hand in ya new purse/It's humorous to me they watching/We just yachting off the island hopping off/Amalfi coast
Mafioso, oh baby you ever seen satin/No, not the car but everywhere we are/You sure to see stars.This is high level not eye level/My bezzle courtesy of Audemars/I order yours tomorrow now look how much I saved you/Mama let me upgrade you...


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