04 August 2010

Gucci’s Fall 2010 Campaign Gets the Midas Touch

Gucci’s new ad campaign for the upcoming fall is looking more like the set of the James Bond flick Goldfinger and Gucci’s creative minds have no doubt touched this next seasons fashions with a gold finger. In a funny way, when I stare at the photographs I can almost see the 1970s film flicker as I wait for Cleopatra Jones’ flawless pure ebony skin and her infamous afro to appear with her supple body clad in the desert brown knee-length high-heeled boots and her supple supermodel figure shaped beautifully in the belted fur vest like the one Racquel Zimmerman wears in the photo. This is by no means a parody of the devastatingly stylish dynasty of the Gucci empire, this is simply the aesthetic images that appear in my mind after viewing these photos. And no jive turkey can pass up the looks in this campaign…
True to its former ad campaigns, Gucci has a fondness for incorporating gradients into its photos and the aqua blue horizon that spills into the dark deep sea azure of the surrounding sky gives a perfect background for the shadowed, earthy hills that compose the middle ground. The burnished gold sofa adds more gradation into the scene in its reflected hues of white-yellow ore to true gold. Nikola Jovanovic wears a burnt sienna turtleneck under a slim rawhide-brown blazer that excellently complements the slim white chinos he wears. The loafers match the turtleneck providing consistency within the look. And nothing screams sexy, dangerous female detective on assignment in the desert than Zimmerman’s pose of the golden sofa, dressed in velvet-textured dark brown trousers, open-toed gold-hued heels, with a fashionably anachronistic leopard-printed sweater brandishing a beige Gucci bag with crisscrossing lines and dark brown crocodile-textured leather fastenings. Just seeing her golden locks flowing in the wind beside her screams, “I’ve got a mini pistol in the waist of my pants and I’m not afraid to use it”. Ads shown from Stylelist.com. 


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