04 August 2010

Armani’s Fall 2010 Ad Campaign Mystifies By Channeling Mystery

Armani’s main line which bears his namesake Giorgio Armani has successfully used the same advertising technique it has for the past few seasons with its new fall collection. The chiaroscuro of Armani ads and the super-strategic lighting inside the ads gives Giorgio Armani a transcendent film noir-esque quality I love. The way Edita Vikelviciute waits seductively at the hotel desk with an air of self-possession tinged with anticipation gives life to the beautifully crafted scarlet embroidered one-shoulder dress she wears. Perhaps she hides a dagger in her garter waiting to devour someone like a black widow at the moment of her meeting?... The dapper Janice Fronimakis clothed in the navy blue double-breasted blazer with the pearl white shirt underneath exudes sophistication and gentility as he leans against the hotel desk his classic spectacles directed at the floor. Giorgio Armani’s dedication to the pursuit of sophistication is quite impressive and it’s no wonder that men and women alike who are high on the power scale seek out his apparel. Christano Ronaldo adds more sexiness to the Armani underwear legacy that has shown the best of bulges from men like David Beckham. But overall, the Armani campaign is definitely hitting the mark by using mystery to further the Armani brand. 


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