17 August 2010

Trend or End? The Girl-About-Town

Give me them bright lights...long nights...party till the sun is rising...high-rise, overtime...working till the moon is shining...hot guys, fly girls, never thought I'd say I feel on top of the world...The Fall Women's collections this year are most certainly picking up on the trend of the urban female sophisticate. Perhaps the high amounts of exposure given to working girls with television shows like The Hills, The City, The Rachel Zoe Project, and Gossip Girl whose real-life as well as fictional portrayals of the driven, ambitious, achieving, and most importantly stylish girl have inspired designers such as Elie Tahari, Preen, and Chado Ralph Rucci to use her as their muse for this upcoming season...
More and more women are wanting to take themselves seriously and as a result are taking what they wear more seriously. The plague of the fauxcialite that was spearheaded by "celebutantes" like Paris Hilton has finally made its exit and the self-made woman has come to take her place...Perhaps one of the most obvious tenets of this trend is attention to minimalism. Elie Tahari's conservative yet amazingly stylish ensemble that paired an elongated, quadruple-button blazer in beige with an understated pair of matching loose-fitting trousers and a skinny sierra brown belt cinching the blazer with a hanging end definitely was one of my my favorite looks in this trend. Also, designers are incorporating classic elegance items such as Chado Ralph Rucci's obsidian coat lined in lustrous fur and the edgy knee-length leather boots underneath, indicating a return to the old glamour of former real socialites. Preen definitely chose to take on the working woman silhouette and succeeded greatly showing a thigh-length nude-colored open jacket, a simple, yet sophisticated blouse with a medium-width shirt collar, and a very interesting nude skirt with multiple organic and assymetrical layers. The shoes consisted of grey suede booties which were helpful in accentuating the leg lengths of the wearer and keeping the tone of the outfit casual with sophisticated versatility. Overall, this trend is most definitely a step in the right direction and hopefully signals an amelioration of the young woman's condition in the public world.


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