19 August 2010

Moschino Says Ahoy to Fall 2010

The top model Alessandro Ambrosio is appearing this season is Moschino's Fall 2010 ad campaign, which is featuring a stylish pirates of the Caribbean aesthetic. Moschino's advertising style usually is very simple and allows the clothes to speak for themselves, a quality that Moschino's elegance allows for. This year's Fall palette is quite simple, including only hues of white, navy blue, blacks, and gold. Donning a navy blue blazer embellished on the collar, lapels, sleeves and edges with golden rings definitely conjures images of Johnny Depp's swashbuckling, sword-brandishing Jack Sparrow and the high-waisted matching trousers with medium-sized classic belt cinched at natural waist level induces a touch of high fashion. The ascots, in both dove-white and navy sprinkled in white provides for a versatile accessory that can be worn with almost any office outfit. The wide black pirate-style hat meshes well with the black and white-striped shirt dress which is accented by a navy quilted clutch dotted with gold buttons. The jewelry is very reminiscent of the kinds of trinkets you might find in a deep-sea treasure chest and shine brilliantly against the colors of the apparel. Overall the looks prove that chic doesn't always have to inundated with expensive clothing and the trappings of the upper class world but it can be found in the tales of the incorrigible, greedy, and less than refined pirates of the oceans.


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