17 August 2010

Brand of the Day – Express

Today I’m featuring one of my favorite brands, the All-American, always-stylish men and women’s apparel store. Known highly for their styles that tend to cater to the tastes of the psychographic group of the man previously known as the metrosexual and the woman who fancies herself an It Girl, they have no problems hitting their target audiences. The only thing more impressive than the brand’s extensive supply of clothing that is both cutting-edge and far from overpriced is the superb and attractive visual merchandising. When I step inside the walls of an Express store, I can’t help but feel the same way Holly Golightly from Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s feels; absolutely nothing could possibly go wrong and absolutely nothing I choose to buy could go wrong in a place like this…
The linear shelves of clothes with shirts perfectly pressed and folded and arranged in color spectrum order is enough to make you want to remodel your closet in the same design. As far as particular items, I definitely have a strong attraction to Express’ selection of graphic tees. Far from the distressed Target kind with messages that function better as date-repellers than fashion statements, these graphic tees possess the right level of artistic ambiguity and the right level of fashionableness. Their colored dress shirts are equally as awesome, carrying hues that would probably be hard to find elsewhere but contain the punch your work wardrobe might be thirsting for. For the girls, you can’t go wrong with the super-sexy collection of dresses that Express has to offer. Needing to find that perfect night-out fit that carries that “I’m not a high maintenance girl who needs to spend her life saving on clothes to validate herself but damn I look hot in this outfit” vibe? Look no further. And Express’ collection of accessories can also add that finishing touch to the outfit you already picked out but need some sprucing up with. Overall, Express is definitely the hot spot to find apparel that walks the line of edgy but also sophisticated, a feat that few people can pull off.


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