23 August 2010

I Love That Lavender Blonde...

I am as vain as I allow; I do my hair; I gloss my eyes...I touch myself all through the night and when something falls out of place, I take my time, I put it back, I touch my self till I'm on track...And if you can't get enough of that lavender blonde either, then you're sure to enjoy these Lady Gaga-inspired sets from Polyvore.com! We've pulled the most stylish, the most creative, and the most Gaga looks so that you can get some Little Monster inspiration for yourself. So when life gives you a Bad Romance, just put on your Poker Face, dial your Telephone, call Alejandro, Just Dance, and get into some Fashion with these sets! Enjoy! More sets after the jump!


Immature Gentleman said...

i didnt really think she was a good dresser until now... idk why.. lol

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